‘Lash it out UK’ interview

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This month’s inspirational female entrepreneur: Melica Lashley

Q: Tell us a bit about your business?

So my business is beauty related its called ‘Lash It Out UK’ and it is a brand of eyelashes. People ask me what makes my lashes different to everybody else’s and my response is that my lashes are specialized in mink and silk. So if your wondering what mink is, it’s real animal fur which gives my lashes their natural look and make them longer lasting, the same with the silk eye lashes.

Q: What inspired you to start it?

I have entrepreneurial friends, one of them owns a football coaching organization, another started a business with Segway’s. It’s nice seeing young people doing there own thing. I’ve always wanted to start my own business but I never knew what to start it in. I had an idea to sell weave but I thought that it wasn’t unique enough and the market was too saturated.

Literally one day it just came to me. I was just praying “God please just show me a sign” and one day I was just waiting for the train and it just hit me to the point where I didn’t even get on the train. The train came, I saw the train, and I saw the train leave LOL. I went home and I spoke to my mum about it. She didn’t think that I should do it at first, but the more I spoke to her about it and told her my ideas and visions she changed her mind and I thought to myself “you never know until you try”.

Q: What’s been the hardest part? 

Just trying to get the brand out there. Everyone has the eyelashes that they go to and everyone has a certain preference so its been hard putting it out there that ‘Lash It Out UK’ is something completely new. I’m not exactly a professional person in that sense I’m a full time university student so people could question if I’m actually serious. This time at university has been a trial period to see the market and try things out but it has been difficult managing my time with final year and my dissertation.

Q: What’s been the most rewarding part?

When people wear the lashes and they snapchat ‘Lash It Out UK’. It actually looks good. I’m not saying that I doubted myself but before I received the eyelashes I was soooo worried that it wouldn’t come out right or that they wouldn’t even look nice. But I remember them coming and I thought “Omg, these lashes look amazing”. Another rewarding thing is when people come to you rather than you trying to sell to people. It’s just like “Wow, you actually want to buy my lashes and I didn’t even force you to do it?”  LOL not that I force people to buy them.


Melica Lashley

Twitter & Instagram: @LashItOutUK

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