What love you looking for?

Having read so many books and watched so many sermons on relationships, I was quite shocked to find that I didn’t know what to write for this blog.

With #RelationshipGoals trending for the past few months and Valentine’s Day just round the corner, love is certainly in the air. But I want to focus on a different type of love, a unique type of relationship, that should come before all others.

A love that has no beginning and no end. A love that never fails, never stops, never ceases. A love that always forgives. A love that always corrects, and a love that certainly punishes when necessary. God.

It seems we are living in a day and age where people are broken and empty. Attempting to fill the hole in their hearts with things that never quite seem to fit. Lost. Hurting. Jumping from relationship to relationship not knowing that what they are looking for, yearning for is in our Lord Jesus Christ. The true lover of our souls. Through Him we can have the greatest relationship of all time.

You really want #RelationshipGoals? Well here’s a couple suggestions…

  1. Put your relationship with God first. I’m sure everyone has probably heard of Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” and etc etc… Well it’s true. If God can create the earth in 6 days I’m pretty sure He can take care of your needs including your relationships. Put Him first and He’ll do the rest.
  1. Put your relationship with yourself second. Work on you. Getting to know you and most importantly like and love you! If you don’t like or love you, I assure you, no one else but God and your momma will…
  1. If you’re in a relationship, then work on it! They take time and effort. If not, focus on the friendships around you and don’t rush into one just because you feel a type of way.
  1. Develop your friendships, check up on people. There will be a time where responsibilities will be prioritised and you won’t have the freedom to do such things.
  1. Enjoy life!

The greatest gift we can give to ourselves, is the gift of salvation, already paid for by the blood of Jesus Christ. In full. The greatest relationship you can ever have is one with God. If you don’t have one, start today. He’s waiting.

By Omique Williams
Twitter: @LawyerMeeks
The Move

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