I have been weary….

Weary of being weary

And tired of being tired

I have wanted to fly to a place

Far East where the sun

Kisses the sea or even better

Vanish to where the wind blows

And never returns

Solitude hugged my soul and

Discontentment had become

A familiar song to my ears

I wondered in the wilderness

Like a man without a vision

Like a son without a father or

Worse still like a widow without a child

My mind was an empty room yet

There was no room for hope

For perhaps a better tomorrow

But you see…

Christ has come and all has changed

My perspective realigned now I see clearly

My battles are forever won on my knees

I am strongest when I am down low because

It is in such a place that God shows Himself strong

I am victorious even before the battle begins

Because God is the army that defends me

I am redeemed not forgotten

Blessed and loved not ignored

My feet are ordered by His hand

I am not despised but forever favoured


You see in His eyes I am a child

And he gazes upon me with mercy


So my desire is to worship Him

My job is to gaze upon His glory

To marvel upon the splendour of His Majesty


I have been changed, my life turned upside down

I am mesmerised by His beauty

Captivated by His grace

This I now know, that I am not my own

Thisssss I now know, that I am not my own

I am His…..

Only His…..

By Ronnie

The Move

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