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This month’s inspirational female entrepreneur: Angela Fawole

Q:  Tell us a bit about your business

My business, Relevant 2 Reign Design Agency (R2RDA), provides customised and embellished clothing for businesses, charities, events and individuals. We adorn various items of clothing using print, embroidery and diamanté, creating distinctive workwear and fashion wear for our customers.

Q: What inspired you to start

As a young girl I knew it was my destiny to design clothes. I spent my earlier years in America with my paternal grandparents and my dad’s siblings. One of my aunts is a professional tailor and has her own business. I grew up watching her do her thing and eventually I fell in love with the rackets of the sewing machine and the sights of sewing patterns and vibrant fabrics. Growing up I couldn’t wait to start my GCSE’s so I could study fashion (textiles) and get my hands on a sewing machine!! However my Textiles teacher flipped the whole course upside down so after leaving secondary school, I went on to study other things as I got severely discouraged. I was so hurt and devastated because of the way things turned out, I used to say, “I never want to see a sewing machine or even a piece of fabric again in my life!” Now unfortunate for me (at that time), my mum started buying sewing machines and embroidery machines for her own business-there was really no escape! I would find myself helping my mum with various projects. Sometimes willingly… Sometimes grudgingly… Nevertheless this is what secured my link in to the fashion world, although I didn’t see it at the time. After years of experience with my mum, I thought “I might as well make this a thing”. That’s when it hit me… After all those years of being “anti-fashion”, my gift never left me. I was made to do this.

Q: What has been the hardest part in launching your business?

I always knew that starting a business was going to be hard work, so though I tried to remain optimistic, I was prepared to experience some turbulence along the way… However I didn’t think that turbulence would stem from my personal life… As my personal life swerved out of control-I metaphorically fell into a ditch-my business did the same. I lost confidence in myself and my abilities, got a part time job and deposited most of my energy there. My confidence was actually restored at some point this year i.e. very recently… I was just tired of being mediocre. I have also been on a journey of self love and discovery. It would have probably helped if I started this journey before starting my business!!!!! (Haha) But in all honesty, I’m always grateful for the negative experiences in my life as I know I can use them to encourage and inspire other people-hopefully even prevent them from making the same mistakes!

Q: What has been the most rewarding part?

I’m a bit of a perfectionist, I try my best to get the job done right! So it’s really rewarding when I receive positive feedback from customers. Not just for my sake but because I also see the purpose and aim of R2RDA coming to life: “Inspiring the Monarch in You”. There’s something about wearing apparel with your name, logo or motto on it-it’s even greater when you see others wearing it too! It motivates you to work harder towards your goals and your vision. It inspires you to be the person you were created to be. It tells everyone who you are/what your brand represents and gives you that sense of pride (good pride… haha! I’m talking about confidence and self-awareness!). Being able to provide this kind of clothing for our customers is the most rewarding part.

Q: How can you see the business developing in the future?

I believe R2RDA will not only be a clothing business but a platform providing motivation, inspiration and promotion for businesses, freelancers and other individuals. I would also like R2RDA to launch some clothing lines too. I really can’t wait!! Watch this space!!

Twitter:   @reign_monarch



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