Spring look

Spring is here! Which of course means new trends or should I say reinvented trends? Florals? Ground breaking!DSC_0156

What is Spring fashion all about? Spring fashion is that ‘nearly summer but still chilly but you don’t need a coat’ type of fashion where you don’t have to wear heavy outerwear but you can layer up different textures and patterns how you like.


British weather has instilled trust issues across the nation and I refuse to be another victim. Knitwear has saved my life and in case you think that is a NO GO, think again. Light knitwear when styled well can be both comfortable and trendy. A staple trend this year believe it or not is a white shirt. Vera Wang Spring 2016 gave me some great inspiration of just wearing an oversized white shirt with a pair of heels. Girls, call your boyfriends, uncles, brothers and dads -Tell them they will be playing a vital part in saving your wardrobe! You can go for many of different styles of white shirts and here’s the good part, it doesn’t necessarily need an iron!


For my look, I went for a simple Spring Look. Perhaps even Girl About Town look with a vintage white shirt and knitted midi dress. The two went so well together as they are a mix of textures and neutrals. I paired the outfit with some croc print shoes, vintage gold round glasses, a rose gold watch and croc print bag. I think this outfit is perfect for you corporate gals attending business meetings or a work event.


Remember, there are no rules in fashion. Just be creative and most importantly, be yourself.


Twitter & Insta: @clxthesoverpeople  @Clxthesoverppl

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