3 Easy Hacks for Maintaining Natural Hair at Uni

Aside from meeting deadlines, being away from home and starting a new life, maintaining natural hair at University can be quite the challenge. In this post I’ll be sharing 3 quick and easy hacks, for naturals at uni who aim to grow and maintain healthy natural hair, even on a Uni budget!

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  1. Go ‘Al Natural’.

If your Uni is in a small town, getting hold of hair products can be difficult, but this is not all bad! Venture into the world of natural products that can be found in the food isle at your grocery store and trade in the chemically loaded hair products natural oils such as Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil. These oils are among the many that provide natural hair (and skin) with the nutrients necessary for promoting strength, health and pristine condition!

  1. Get Into a Routine!

The key to managing your time well at Uni is getting into a good routine and this is the same for your hair. If you have a stylist, be strict by booking your appointments for every 3 months. If you do your own hair, wear effective protective styles religiously in between ‘wash days’.  You can also utilise your mobile phone calendar by setting alerts for ‘wash days’, deep conditioning, daily moisturising etc. Make sleeping with a satin or silk scarf a habit to minimise breakage/ loss of moisture overnight. (If you’re forgetful, cover your pillow with a large satin scarf for back up!)

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  1. Set Goals

Set yourself a specific hair goal, be diligent and give yourself a timeframe to accomplish it. This can be done by taking part in monthly challenges such as the no heat challenge, the protective style challenge or the water challenge. Documenting your hair journey and Natural Hair care progress with photos in addition to setting goals is an encouraging and effective way to track progress while staying motivated.

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The online natural hair community is also amazing for information and support. On my blog, you can find tutorials, product reviews and a huge variety of helpful information for looking after and maintaining natural hair. Be sure to check out smf-xo.com for more information.

By Sharyh Murray

Blog: smf-xo.com

Twitter: @s_mfx

Undergrad & Blogger

The Move

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