A little peek into a sneakerhead’s mind!

Lets start with my love for shoes, especially Jordans.

Jordans became such a big brand for me from the moment I acquired my first pair, which are the Jordan retro 6 infrared.              


If you’re clueless about them I would like to introduce you to this magnificent piece of design.

The 6s infrared were released about 10 years ago. Back then Jordan was not a huge worldwide known brand, and their sneakers were regarded as basketball shoes.


Nowadays anyone can wear Jordans, and matter of fact it has taken over the shoe market with over 20 different exclusive designs. The 6th design being my favourite.

I bought them about 1yr ago, I can recall the date (28/11/2014) it was the Black Friday for that year (for all the shopping lovers out there).


This pair is special to me because it was a present to myself since my birthday is in November. But shoes in general is a big thing in my life, for me someone that wears nice shoes is seeing as  fashionable and someone that I could straight away interact with easily. Not just Jordans but any kind of shoes.

Lately I’ve been looking at all kind of luxury shoes such as: balenciaga, valentino, guisepees and even yeezy. The world of shoes is such a big world, personally I feel comfortable talking about shoes, seeing them and even selling them.

I call myself a sneakerhead,this means a person that loves shoes and is updated on  the late releases. Going back to my jordans, the reason it is called infrared is because they light in the dark.

It can light your path, if you see what I mean. I love the overall designs of Jordans, they’re different from other trainers like addidas zx flux for example. Recently, I was able to get hold of the Jordans 4 all white which is a very rare lair to find.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t get up thinking about shoes,eat think about you…no no!

It’s more of a hobby for me like they’re people out there that enjoy playing the guitar, piano, sing or whatever other hobby. Mine is shoes! Sneakerhead kind of thing, for all the sneakerheads out there i know they can relate. Buying all kinds of pairs of shoes, for instance I’ve a minimum of 50 pairs of shoes (just trainers,without counting the smart shoes). But anyways, I will just conclude by saying if you’ve got a passion for something don’t let it fade away… Go get it!

By Jacques Sukutamba   @snap_jacques

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