A weight loss story

There are so many diseases that as black people we are more likely to develop than other ethnic groups and more likely at a younger age e.g. Diabetes, high blood pressure, Strokes etc. Therefore it is essentially that we take care of our bodies through health eating and regular fitness to lower these risks. With that said, here’s my story on how I regained my health.

My weight loss story

Losing weight can sometimes feel like something that is impossible to achieve as it requires motivation, discipline and consistency. However I have decided to finally make a decision to live a healthier lifestyle and gave myself a specific goal to lose a certain amount of weight in a particular time frame. I have managed to lose 2 stones in 3 months, which was a difficult journey but it is so worth it.

How I lost 15 kilos in 3 months

My weight loss story started in January 2015. I always wanted to make an attempt to lose weight but I was never in the right state of mind to do so. Therefore, I decided to make it my new year’s resolution to lose 2 stones in 5 months.  I knew that I could achieve this if I stay motivated and do not give up despite the challenges that would come my way. In January 2015 I was in a very unhealthy state and weighted over 80 kilos which was a very unhealthy weight for my height as I am only 5.4.


When I started my weight loss journey I was living in Germany away from my friends and family, I also worked 40 hours a week. However living by myself helped me to change the way I ate because I was in charge of what kind of foods were in the house and was no longer tempted to eat unhealthy foods. I also signed up for a gym near my area. I committed myself to go to the gym 4-5 times a week, which was very hard, considering my hectic schedule. However I made sure that I found time to exercise which helped me to reach my goals even quicker. I set myself realistic goals every 10 days and weighted myself every 10 days to measure my progress.  I also ate more regularly by eating 3 big meals a day and 2 smaller meals which helped to speed up my metabolism assisting in my weight loss.









I would have porridge in the morning with some fruits in it, in addition I would have a second breakfast which would be a low fat yogurt and fruits. I would also have lunch which usually included a healthy salad with a piece of chicken next to it. For dinner I would have fried veggies with some kind of protein on the side which could be chicken, fish , or eggs. I would never restrict myself not to eat when I feel hungry, so if I would feel hungry before I would go to bed, I would make myself a smoothie or eat vegetables or fruits. Losing weight is not about starving yourself we can still eat, just the right foods.

I have changed my mind set

Changing the way I think about food and exercise has helped me to lose 15 kilos in such a short time, as I disciplined myself to eat clean and to work out regularly. Our mind can be very powerful, as it can determine either success or disappointment. When I changed my mindset and finally believed that I am capable of losing weight I succeeded, but when I doubted myself my outcome always seemed to be unsuccessful.

There are 4 massive factors that contributed to my weight loss which were, healthy eating, eating regularly, exercise and Fitness, finding inspiration, getting educated about healthy eating. Following all these elements and factors have resulted in a successful result. Making a single decision can sometimes change our whole life. Never underestimate your ability to achieve the impossible.


I started my weight loss journey almost 2 years ago and managed to maintain a healthy weight ever since. I hope my weight loss story has helped you guys to realize that it is never to start being healthy and happy.

Written By Kelly Appiah


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