Black Britain reacts to President – Elect Trump

After witnessing months and months of one of the most controversial Presidential elections, despite the opinion of polls which up to this point had been very much in favour of Hillary Clinton, this week America decided to elect Donald Trump as president for the next 4 years.

Black Britain took to social media to reflect on this shock decision, here what some had to say.


This statement by Actor and comedian Tolu Ogunmefun sums up a lot of the feelings coming from people. The fact that someone who has said some racist, sexist bigotry remarks throughout his campaign is scary, as it reveals that a majority of people are either unbothered by his statements or are in agreement with them. The fact is that many people voted for trump because they do want to see a wall go up at the Mexican border, the do want to ban Muslims from entering the country etc, which is a chilling thought.

This brings us on to this comment by ‘@missrubyjade’.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Now that Trump has been elected, people with similar views feel more comfortable in expressing these views more openly. To the point where some are sending threats to others, vandalising their property and so forth. Trump himself by law is actually limited in some of the things he can do as president, however he has empowered a ‘movement’ of people who can bring fear to the lives of others.  My friend from America snapchatted a photo of her uncle’s garage which had been vandalised with very crude remarks, so this is a very real fear.

Van Jones discussed this in an interview with CNN (see the link below).

This next post by Jefferson Bosela focuses more on the credibility of Hillary as a candidate and essentially explains why almost half of Americans may not have voted at all. Voting results have shown that the Republicans didn’t receive anymore votes than they had in the last few years but that the votes for the democratics’ had fallen dramatically.

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Grime artist Skepta had a few words for people which I think provokes thought on a different perspective.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Maybe America has now been given the more appropriate face to their government system, although America has branded itself as ‘the land of the free’ it was built off slavery and segregation. I would urge everyone to watch the documentary on Netflix called 13th, it is extremely eye opening and complements the point that the American government system is not truly here for People of colour.

Whether Trump really holds these views that have branded him a ‘bigoted bully’ is yet to be seen. As, since being elected he has been extremely peaceful and well behaved in interviews, calling for unity and support to bring the country together. He has removed his promise to ban Muslims from the US from his website and has discussed potentially compromising over Obamacare.

I guess only time will tell what Trump will truly be like as a President.

By Toro Kehinde                                                          


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