The Scapegoat

The most repeated commandment in the Bible is ‘Do not be afraid’. It was repeated a total of 365 times one some form (once per day- coincidence? I think not). Meaning that this is a strong commandment in both the Qu’ran and Torah also, considering that they share the same Abrahamic God and have corresponding events and people.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-13-43-08

Over the past few months we have seen the direct effects of what happened when people are caught up in fear. On an individual level, anxiety causes  increased risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease within the body and it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem.

screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-13-42-34But more worryingly are the effects of fear when it captures a nation. Just as Hitler made the Jews a source of fear for the Germans, and Mexicans are now being made a source of fear for the Americans, so had happened with immigrants and the UK. Fear of strained resources, employment and a loss of one’s perceived culture had been the driving factors for a nation like ours making a decision like this. I will not make a generalisation and say that everyone who voted out did so because of immigration, but I will say that that is what was mainly shown in the leave campaign’s advertisement. It upsets me that the British public cannot see a repeat in history in that eastern europeans are being used as a scape goat for the country’s problems.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-13-42-08

But it makes sense to be honest. Academics have found that one of the most effective ways to increase a strong sense of unity amongst a group of people is to have an enemy. That’s why you always see people forming groups and unitedly hating another group of people on shows like Big Brother.

However, I believe that the political shocks and horrors which have occurred this year also brought about some very positive effects:

  • Young people are now taking an interest in politics and the economy: It shocked me when my eighteen year old sister had a ‘Vote In’ poster on her bedroom window, and when I saw a few of my younger cousins discussing what leaving now means for the future of Europe. In my opinion, the voting age should be set at 16
  • People will take their vote more seriously: The second most googled question in the UK after the referendum results were released was ‘What is the EU?’. And considering that the UK tried to get out of the Brexit decision, I think that if we were to vote twice then the results would be quite different. Hopefully this will make people research information for themselves rather than let the media feed them biased information
  • We are living in eyeopening times: 2016 will truly be a significant year for the history books and GCSE exams. Yes, it could be the year we refer back to in which everything went to shit, but it also may not be. But we have lived through a momentous period in world history which has taught us that the unimaginable really can happen. So with that being said, we cannot predict that the future of Britain and the Trump era will be terrible because we just don’t know what may happen.

By Priscilla McGregor-Kerr

Twitter: cillahope_


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