Last year with everything on the news on what was going on in Aleppo, my heart ached and in my time of prayer I was moved to put my frustrations with the current state of the world into action. I’m a firm believer of loving people from the centre of who you are and I am a nurturer. It breaks my heart to see children having to deal with the spoils of war when they should be having fun with friends, getting an education and being spoilt rotten by their parents. I’m the first of six children and seeing images of children being pulled out from underneath rumble literally breaks me down as I think to myself  ‘those could be my siblings’. In light of all of this I will be putting together an art sale in March to raise funds in support the Preemptive Love Coalition who support war torn countries.

This sale will include a variety of my paintings, which mostly focus on the empowerment of women as I see myself as a voice for women. Through my work I want to bring healing to women who have struggled with their self-worth, image and confidence. I want to show them they can embrace every part of who they are without altering themselves. I want them to walk in freedom from the chains society has attempted to put on them. I want living boldly with no apologies.

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by Oriana Jemide



The Move

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