Top 5 Meals Abroad

Hello! My name is Tanisha and I am a flight attendant for British Airways for just coming up to two years now and I love it! I am a massive foodie and love that I get to travel the world and enjoy so many amazing foods from different cultures. My all time favourite is Asian food and I enjoy trying different types in different locations. So here are my top 5!

1. Hakkasan, Las Vegas and London
This restaurant definitely has to be one my favourite, it is just beyond outstanding on every level. The food is amazing and such high quality, even down to the presentation. Another reason why I love this restaurant is the service, in both locations I have received the best service from being greeted at the door by security down to the server/waitress. It is so worth the high price you pay as you leave feeling like it has been worth every penny!

2. NV-80, Cape Town
If you are a steak lover this is the place to go! I was never really a massive steak fan but oh my word the steaks here are amazing, the meat is such good quality with nice rich cuts. I always go for the rump steak with a side of creamed spinach, fries and sautéed mushrooms and peppercorn sauce of course!

3. Ping Pong, London
I am a massive lover of dim sum and this London chain has the best affordable quality of dim sum. If I could live in this restaurant I would, the menu has a large variety of dim sum and all types such as steamed, griddled and fried. I really love it here because the food is great but also at such a good price you can order tones of food and won’t be out of pocket and still leave feeling full. They also have really good cocktails.

4. Cheesecake Factory, USA
I have properly eaten here more times than any other restaurant anywhere I have been simply for the massive food portions, convenience and affordable price. The menu literally goes on forever, anything you are craving from pasta to pizza to burgers or salads they have it! For roughly $25 for a meal it is great, the portions are huge I don’t think I have ever finished an entire meal there. You can’t forget the cheesecakes which are heavenly, literally any type of cheesecake you want you can get it here!

5. The Codfather, Johannesburg
Another amazing steak meal I have had was at this restaurant it was absolutely amazing! There is just something about steak in South Africa that you just cannot compare to anywhere else. I love this restaurant because they have a brilliant selection of different foods from, seafood, fish, meats, dim sum, tapas and sushi! Perfect if you are going out in a group where everyone fancies something different you will all leave feeling satisfied you’ve had what you wanted to eat.


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