Unique Boutique London

Unique Boutique London is like my mood board. It’s my way of expressing all the fashion ideas that are in my head. I’ve recently made the transition from designing womenswear to introducing two new sub brands under the boutique that have much significance to me. My unisex street wear brand, Urban Underground and my handmade crochet brand Gemini Designs.
Starting Inspirations 
I’ve always been a creative person, and after publishing my first two books by the age of 19, I knew I was ready to take on a new challenge which was starting my long thought about fashion business. One of the main things that inspired me to get into fashion was the fact that every time I dressed up I felt like a queen, I acted like a queen and I still have that same attitude today. I believe other women should feel the same way when they step out, and the same goes for men. They should feel like the Kings they are when step out too. The idea of this is just one of the motivations behind my new sub brands.
The Hardest Part
Running a business on your own comes with so many ups and downs. In the beginning I was the model, the creative director and everything else behind the scenes. It was a lot of work, and when I did try to get help by recruiting for assistants, bloggers, promoters etc. Many people didn’t take me seriously. It was as if because I was a young person in business, no one wanted to work for me regardless of how much I was offering. I had to learn to adapt and utilise my time so I can handle everything, and still get the best grades at university where I was studying Criminology.
Now I hardly depend on anyone to do anything. I run my business by myself and I love it. I use different models and draw inspirations from different places, but being in control is how I keep things to my high standards, and if that comes with the extra work then it’s not a problem at all. I think people are starting to become more aware that I’m not out here to play games and conform to the norm. I’m unique and I embrace that.
The Rewarding Part
The most rewarding part about owning Unique Boutique London is being the muse for my creations. I can bring my crazy concepts to life, and see my designs on paper become a reality. Even though Unique Boutique London is still young, it has allowed me to experience some of the best moments of my life.
The Future
I’m currently working on a more visual collection for Urban Underground which will explain the inspirations behind the street wear brand in more detail so people understand the concept I have build it upon and aim to release this in Summer. Gemini Designs is my budding crochet brand and I’m working on a new collection which will feature bespoke chokers, bralets and a few other cute creations all handmade by me of course.
For now I am releasing some new Urban Underground drops as part of the first collection which I will be shooting with a photographer soon. It’s going to feel good getting back in front of the camera and letting the alter ego out again.
Funniest Moment
When I was shooting my swimwear products at a studio with a photographer I regularly used I had a nip slip moment lol, and he completely dismissed it and asked me how was my weekend. That’s when I saw professionalism at it’s best. It was funny at the time and even more hilarious now. It was just the way it happened so casually. No awkwardness just a bit of banter.
By Tannika Williams-Nelson                                                                                           @Tannika_x
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