Summer Love


I’m coming at you guys with a mini summer lookbook, i wanted to make it realistic so i made up three outfits that i’d actually wear on a summer night out (you guys know22 i don’t wear heels unless i go out lol).. What i love about London in the summer is that, it isn’t like any other summer.. the daytime could be super hot and humid and when it gets to 6pm we may have a thunder storm lol.. i always regret not bringing an umbrella/coat so this first look is devoted to all my past bad decisions lol..

My trench coat is a hand me down from my Mum’s friend lol.. (you know those items that have been on a journey before they meet you loool..)11 i’m so lucky because it’s from M&S which means the quality is A1! heres a great cheap alternative *click*My bright crop top is from American Apparel but i found a cheap bargain *here* and theres sooo many different colours 😉 .. my trousers are my hubbies and their soooo comfy they were in the Boxing day sales so i can’t find them for you 😦 but check out UNIQLO they always have comfy trousers on there! .. To close up the look i paired my platform ALDO heels because their just the best lol.. i got them in America but these and these are quite similar and are soooooo cute!



Chocolate Orange


My second look reminds me of Terry’s chocolate orange *licks lips lol* .. it was created around one of my FAVOURITE shirts of all time.. it use to be long enough to wear on it’s own as a dress but all the washing must have shrunken it *cries slowly*.. thi11s beautiful number is from ZARA in the sale i got it for like £10 *crowd screams lol* .. please just take a look at what ZARA is selling at the moment .. its truly breath taking lol.. Under this shirt i’m wearing a strappy dress which is actually a nightie lol from Primark.. i LOVE when silky dresses have lace on the end it just adds something sultry you know .. (heels are the same as the first look) .. my earrings are from Monki (check in store as they come in a pack of 3) ..



Shimmering Substanance


My last look , and by far my favourite is a fishnet dress from ZARA (sale) i loveeeee this dress so much i can’t believe i forgot to bring it on holiday with me 😦 i loveeee the colours , the length is perfect and can be altered for a sexier look *covers eyes*.


The colours remind me of a painting from like James Pollock (hence the title) the way the colours mesh together is so perfect.. i paired it with a plain black cami dress from ASOS *clickhere* as its super see through lol.. my necklace is from Ali Express *clickhere* .. i can’t wait to be able to wear this without worrying about that daily breeze that we have at the moment, that wind makes me want to cry lol.. i’m fully ready for these summer nights though YASSSSS.. I kept my heels the same just to show how versatile these are… my jacket is from the ASOS MARKETPLACE *click* keep an eye on this site because when they do sale its a madness!


Thank you so much for reading.. i want to take the time out to thank the lovely people at THEMOVE *click* for collaborating with me for this post!.. They are an online platform with the main purpose of aiding Black British millennial’s in their professions and educational careers. They also cover a range of social, economic and political issues that we face being British and Black , whilst also promoting aspects of our culture which is often overlooked in todays mainstream media..

I hope you all enjoyed this and let me know what you want to see next! God bless every single one of you!

By Rhea Ellen

The Move

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