The Black Mind

We are one people, descendants of champions united not just by a history but a common destiny for greatness. We are Pan-Africanists in the diaspora wide spread falling apart at the white man’s burden. Destroying ourselves with ignorance, pushing away feelings because we must fight a battle of colour, a battle we cannot win unless we reverse the sunken place. We can cannot change the ignorant with violence but with education and patience; hold onto that last part, patience. But I divert back to the battle we lose because of ignorance; because a black man cannot fall to his knees to remove the pins stabbing every step he takes. He must fight, kill and burry the pain that tears him apart. And our women cry of laughter at a man that cannot hold his own not knowing the rewarding peace of an open black man.  

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 13.02.04

              Source: “Mind of my Mind” by John Jude Palencar

6,188 suicides have been registered in the UK in the past 108 days, 17 hours, 0 minutes, and 5 seconds to me writing this article. 6,188 suicides. 6,188 souls that lost the will to live, lives were stricken with unbearable pain, constant affliction of disbelief and ignorance because feelings are weak. ‘Black people don’t get depressed, we get down but we pick ourselves up’ so we shut up the black emotion and dismiss 6,188 suicides. But who can blame us when we are slapped with a conventional mental health system that fail and refuse to provide a service beyond the British man? None the less, that doesn’t mean we as a people can’t take care of ourselves.

Challenge your mind.
Break the chain.
Keep a balance.

Difficult it may be, find anyone you trust or a stranger, a Samaritan; a listening ear or if you’re like me get a paper and pen – write it out. Find something you take comfort in, don’t lose a battle you have a chance of winning; a chance is all you need. That also doesn’t mean just go and watch 13 reasons why. In fact, let me give you 13 reasons why not to watch it.

  1. The death of Hannah Baker glamourizes suicide; it depicts her getting the attention they needed only as a result of their death.
  2. Torturing her family and friends left behind at her wake is extremely unhealthy and could motivate people suffering from suicidal thoughts to do the same. When something tragic happens, your loved ones suffer too.
  3. Clay Jenson being given anxiety pills to death with Hannah Baker’s death is a quick fix and doesn’t address the problem.
  4. The death of Hannah Baker led to the death of another student.
  5. The High School’s poster to encourage students to take better care of their minds is distasteful. ‘Suicide is not an option’
  6. The head teacher refers to Hannah’s Baker’s suicide as a mistake, her mother as dramatic while her father as the ‘reasonable’ parent one again distasteful.
  7. Despite being told that she is still a part of the High School community, Hannah Baker receives no support.
  8. The High School system failed to deal with the bullying taking place until a death had occurred. Creating a safe environment for students is vital and being told ‘just try and move on if you’re not going to press charges’ isn’t good enough.
  9. Rape is explored and passed off as high school culture of white privilege.
  10. Underage drinking, I may be a prude but it’s not worth it.
  11. Stalking? Yeah that’s not great either. It’s sadistic.
  12. Ultimately, the show doesn’t encourage you to take care of your mind, which is what we all should be doing.
  13. But I’ll give you one good reason you should watch the show and it’s at the beginning before you even hear the name Hannah Baker. If you need someone to talk to Samaritans are available, if you need help taking care of someone, Samaritans are available.

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 13.02.52

We are a nation blind, let’s open our eyes to the discrepancies we face. Fight this battle with me. Take care of your mind, your brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers.



By Bruna Diabanza




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