Women Not Weapons

What was your starting inspiration?

It all started with an article my friend Samy shared on facebook. It was about rape used as a weapon of warfare with Congo, the article commended Dr.  Denis Mukewege the man whom repaired these abused woman, however what was peculiar and struck me was the vivid graphic details in which the act of abuse and the consequences was described in the article. Yes this article hurt and we felt very angry but we didn’t just want to be passive about it, we decided that we should act on it in anyway we could.

For me personally it had disturbed a secret within me that I had kept for half of my life and had blocked it out to such a degree it was almost as if it didn’t exist. Round about the ages of 8, 9 or 10, I was molested. So personally to a degree I understood and could minimally relate to these souls. Thankfully for me by the grace of God when He enabled me to reveal it I had a great support system and because of my relationship with Christ I no longer believed the lies that I was dirty or that I was not enough. The desire ignited in me that I wanted to give what had been given to me, for them to know that they are not insects [ as most victims are often made to feel], they will not be defeated , ” we are more than our wounds, we will rise, we will laugh once again, we are fearfully and wonderfully made, we are hope”.


What has been the hardest part about forming the charity?

Knowing where to begin and what to do. One of my main barriers, which still gets me is thinking I am just one person in a sea of people and this is just too big for me . What can I do or how can I stop it? Then I remember all it takes is one person to make a change, nothing worth it ever came easy.

Sometimes you just want to save the whole world, especially in our chosen area. I have noticed there is more to the matter than just rape, you have the nurses caring for the survivors that as an outcome suffer some sort of depression which in turn affects their family, the country itself is quiet corrupted and the mindset view of women is wrong etc. However:

 ” I can not change the world, but I can cast  a stone across the water to create many ripples” #Mother Teresa


What has been the most rewarding part?

Often when things like this [rape] happens ; speaking from my experience you feel like you are dirt. With rape being used as a weapon of warfare in Congo DRC, these women & sometimes men go through inhuman, merciless torture . It is done in such a way that they come to believe they are worth nothing more than an insect. Their identity is stolen an basic rights denied

The most rewarding part is helping them of the journey of rediscovering who they truly are , that their value is not based on the past, things they have been through, but they are precious, worth more than rubies and gold. A value can not be placed on them or us because what man did not give he can not take away. [ lol, I am getting a bit carried away here]. They have gifts, treasures, talents waiting to be awakened in them, things that they can offer to the world. Empowering one to stand up and say no ! I am not what has happened to me, I am not rape.


Whats the future of your charity?

Although we are starting out in Congo ( DRC), the plan is to expand go into other countries / territories  such as India, where rape is prevalent for whatever reason and make a difference. The whole purpose is to gather grow and go. Leaving a legacy where the people themselves are equipped to help each other,  using the tools that we will provide for them .


How can people learn more about you and get involved?

Be on the look out a website is coming soon. For the time being if you want to know more or feel like you are passionate, having something to offer you can contact us on aliciankondi@yahoo.co.uk or ngoyisamy@yahoo.co.uk [ my charity partner].

If you are  an EMDR professional therapist, architect, project manager or charity consultant we would love to hear from you too 🙂



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