5 items under £10 for a full face of makeup

As a student there are times when you find yourself so broke that you’re relying on 3 for £1 deal of indomine at Asda to get you through the week before student loan drops. In these times you often reminisce about the items you had bought at the beginning of the semester that you could have done without or items you could have made a saving on.

One of the things I would often regret spending a fortune on is MAKEUP. If we admit it we know we as black girls spends a significant amount of our income a year on makeup and it’s often because we are spending so much more on high end products. This is a mistake, especially when you can find some incredible drug store dupes for your favourite foundation bronzer and lipsticks.  Here are my top 5 items under £10 to makeup a full face.

  1. Revlon Colorstay or L’oreal True Match foundation: The whole of my final year Revlon Colorstay was my go to foundation, it stays matte and lasts just as long as the mac studio fix fluid! It definitely worth trying especially with the price tag of £7.99!
  2. La girl pro concealer: This item is quite commonly known but I still thought it worth mentioning. They come in all different shades of brown, so can be used as highlighters, a dark contour or you can even buy colour correctors. At just £2.99 or even as low as £0.99 on ebay they are worth stocking up on. img_4885.jpg
  3. Sleek Contouring and Blush Palette: Another great way to save money on you makeup is to buy palettes, you are basically one or two more items for a lower price compared to buying the items separately. In this sleek palette you get a contour powder, highlighter and bronzer.
  4. NYX Lingerie Liquid lipstick:
    These lipsticks are a must have, especially if you are a matte lipstick lover like myself. They are very pigmented, long-lasting and not too drying. However, even if you aren’t such a matte enthusiast NYX have a large range of lipsticks, from glosses to lip tints. IMG_4886
  5. Mascara: A simple way to save money on your mascara is, if you have previously spent a lot of money on a good mascara, instead of re-buying that same one, you can purchase a cheaper brand and reuse your preferred mascara wand.


By Toro Kehinde

Twitter: @toro_ox


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