‘Your 2020 Project’ with abiolaola.com

ABIOLAOLA.COM is a personal finance platform to empower  first generation savers to take charge of their finances and to build a solid financial foundation for their future. This is also in conjunction with building knowledge about the biblical way of managing money  so that all savers experience great prosperity.

My blog has three main areas of focus. Firstly, to save any of the following £5,000, £10,000, £20,000, £30,00, £40,000 and £50,000 by 2020 to get saver’s to get into the habit of thinking long term rather than short term. Secondly, to then use any excessive financial amounts to invest by 2020 – 2025.

Phases of Your 2020 Project

With a strong supportive newsletter community, budgeting tools are shared internally to inspire all savers and investors to focus on their financial goals. Last but not least, the blog also provides aspiring stories from entrepreneurs  and reputable professionals to motivate all readers to aim high and to eliminate any form of procrastination.

When I created Abiolaola.com, I just wanted to create a way to educate this generation and future generations to embrace wealth and prosperity. Prior, to me building this platform I had witnessed a few individuals be mentally challenged due to money and debt issues, and could see the negative impact  that money can have on an individual. Determined to reduce the baggage gained from having a bad relationship with money, has kept me motivated each week to support individuals online to reach their 2020 goal.

This has been an exciting opportunity for me to express my thoughts and my journey on becoming a personal finance expert whilst connecting with like-minded people. Recently, I have been nominated as a new finance blogger within the UK money bloggers association which let’s me know that there is a need and I am confident that my readers will manage their money more effectively.

Having a positive relationship will help improve the quality of life and assist you in your future goals.It is never too late to save money but it is  important that first generation savers should have a strategy for any debt  that they may have and to save for their future selves and be patient.

Remember if you come from a family that does not hold any generational inheritance or positive  relationship with money , you can strengthen your knowledge by reading more about the world of finance!

Next steps

To be a part of this community you can subscribe at http://eepurl.com/cUGQLD to receive bi-weekly newsletters and a 2017 – 2020 PDF budget planner.

Visit www.abiolaola.com for more information

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