Give me a discount or better yet give it to me for free

You hear so many people, campaigns and businesses get behind the slogan, ‘support our own.’ referring to the importance of supporting black owned businesses. I am one of many people who support this, mainly because if it is a quality product or service why not pay like you would at Selfridges, Tesco or Amazon.

Sounds like a no brainer right? Yet I have experienced first hand the reality when a friend asks for your product for free or a customer asks for a discount. I grew very frustration talking to artists during my time at Mixtape Madness as some emerging artists didn’t want to pay us £20 for uploads yet had champaigne, cars and girls that cost 10x that cost in their music videos. This was three years ago but yet this problem still exists today.

Let’s start being honest and transparent as customers. If there is a black owned brand and you are not happy with the quality of the service or product, be honest and provide constructive feedback. As a business owner I would love that as it provides the opportunity to make an improvement. However if the product or service is great then pay the value of what it costs. Remember every business has costs that need to be covered and a profit that needs to be maintained to keep the business going.

So the next time you walk down your local high street and say to your friend, “look at that new black owned store.” Go in, have a peak and provide feedback of pay what is deserved to help support another black business.

Here are a list of 5 Black Owned British Businesses you can support online today.

AH Partners

Support for micro and small businesses in London from strategic advice to loans to help expand and grow you business.


All Shades Covered is a health and beauty marketplace for Afro-Caribbean consumers.

Bespoke Binny

BB offers an ecommerce platform providing high quality and modern African print homeware.


Digital Marketing Agency supporting ecommerce businesses with growing their revenues with minimal resources through growth marketing.

Mixtape Madness

Largest catalogue online across the world of homegrown UK Urban music.


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