Making the right Money Moves

Being financially free is a goal which many of us have, but sometimes our actions can contradict and delay our progress. Financial freedom is more than having plenty of money, it’s about having the correct mind-set and money management skills to make the right decisions that allow your money to grow sustainably. Taking steps towards that goal can begin today with the 4 simple money moves outlined below.


  1. Find a saving strategy that works for you 

It’s important to be targeted with your saving by being clear on what you are saving for. Think about the things you want this year, next year and the few years after that. Work backwards and understand how much you need to save every month to achieve these goals. I find that this is the most successful way to save, as each time you “dip” into your savings, it’s not a passive action, you’re actively alerting yourself to the fact that you are slowing your progress to your goals.

2. Sell your unwanted items

The majority of us are chronic hoarders. If you were to look in your wardrobe you’d probably surprise yourself at some of the clothes you’ve worn and no longer wear, or even the clothes you haven’t worn before. Why not sell unused or unwanted clothes online through platforms such as Depop or eBay. You can set up an account in minutes and be on your way making some extra cash.


3. Get to grips with credit cards

Are credit cards good or evil? Whatever your opinion, credit cards are a necessary tool which if used correctly can improve your financial health. It’s important to choose a card that suits your lifestyle and works for you e.g.

  • Good at managing money and want to get paid as you spend? Consider an Airmiles or cashback card.
  • Need to improve your credit history?  Consider a credit builder.
  • Have a big purchase coming up? Consider a long-term interest free credit card.

The trick with credit cards is to ensure that you pay the balance in full each month so you avoid interest charges and unnecessary fees

4. Take the risk and start investing

“Make my money work for me” … To invest you need to have a long-term mindset and a willingness to accept that there is some element of risk on any type of gain through investment. There is a fine balance between risk and reward and your risk appetite will depend on your own personal preference.

How to invest:

You can find more about investing here


Next Steps

Now it’s time for you take action, make money moves and get closer to achieving your financial goals.


@YemiAwop // @onepound_uk

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