Stay in your lane

How much of our frustration in life is caused by wondering and worrying what others are doing? I’d venture to guess that it’s A LOT!

Other than that, how many years have been subtracted from your life and nights of good sleep because of stress about what others think? Why do you care about what others are doing? What they’re accomplishing. What other people are thinking?

I once read a quote that said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Those words spoke to me so loudly.  When you spend time thinking about what other people are doing, it’s difficult to invest the necessary energy to be the best possible version of yourself. You become less grateful and it’s harder to see your own personal progress and easier to get down on yourself which incites unnecessary stress. I learned a long time ago, that everyone has their own unique goal. If others are part of that then cool, if not, let them be.

Being a negative person always worrying what other people are doing, thinking, saying, spending and so on is like setting out a welcome mat for gossip, jealousy, anger, misunderstandings, damaged relationships and so much more. Who wants that?


If you fear you’re not good enough why? Who is it you’re trying to impress and why does their opinion matter so much? It’s time to stop piling the pressure on yourself and thinking about what your exes, in-laws, nosey know-it-alls and other inconsequential people think. They don’t care about you.


I’m not saying that it’s time to stop being nice/good with others. As I always say “if someone’s going to be trash, you can’t change that” But along the way, just stay in your lane. You have no control over their nonsense!

My focus is solely on my goals of bettering myself and how I can accomplish them. I approach my work with clear intentions of what, I, Jason, need to work on. The goal in life is to keep it simple and to execute MY best race. I don’t just go with the flow because that’s what those around me are doing. I have defined in my mind my highest priorities and my focus is to continually work to take steps in that direction.


When you see me, you are looking at PROGRESS – not a finished product. So many times I could have stopped and fell off after having experienced my fair share of less focused times over the course of my training. Nevertheless, I stuck with it. I stayed on course and worked towards what I didn’t yet see. One of the most intimidating factors involved in committing to something, particularly out loud is the chance you may fail. And others will be able to see it.

Really visualize yourself driving your amazing car that symbolizes your life and the things you need to worry about. Turn on the ignition and make a diary of the things within your control and within your scope of responsibilities. Keep your head down and work towards your goals at the finish line. So, either drive yourself right into a ditch of frustration, anger, guilt, or turn up some of your favourite tunes, set the cruise control, and coast along minding your own business! Most importantly, be patient.


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