Loud Family

You and me will always tight
arguing every single day and night –
even when you catch me acting like a fool on the phone
to Mr. Right.

A bond that is ever so light,
you’ll still get corned for thinking you’re so bright.
they’ll make you scream,
every time they holla,

held accountable for one another by that infamous trio DNA,
we come more like the cast of KID ‘N’ PLAY.
constantly shapeshifting, we’re the Destiny’s Child that lacks TLC.
we’ll either make you wanna runaway, love or get jiggy in this dancery.

through time of dry lip and poverty or even ‘Shloer Boyz’ and monopoly –
they’d have you covered like Keenan ‘n’ Kel,
hold you down like these 4c edges and gorilla snot gel.
A bittersweet love story.

You’d expect me to always be myself
but I found my spirit moulding into someone else.
the youngest gets manhandled like a tool,
ha, who knew spoiling the youngest wasn’t actually a rule.

a PROUD FAMILY, they’ll make ME scream, I’ll defo wanna holla – Family…

missing persons,
I had to file a report.
the youngest of us all needed some support.
in her absence I realise she just wanted comfort,
all love wanted was to be on someone else’s conscience.

there’s a new mother in her place,
every member gave birth to rage
who then spun her own version of blinded by your grace.


They’ll make you plead, you might even wanna square up –
I’m just asking us to change our minds,
Before we end up like the Israelites,
So blind.

Let’s get back to one on one,
The times where it was all of us.
Let our love be loud in our hearts,
The kind retold in that fifteenth chapter of John.
We should all always be tight,
Remaining Gucci every single day and night.
Even when our cousins are acting fraudulent,
You know we’ll always present.


By Esther Sonaike

Instagram: @thelastsonaike

The Move

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