Pure Helps To Cure CIC

Tell us a bit about your organisation

Pure Helps To Cure CIC is a community interest company. It’s all about raising awareness of everything natural that can help prevent and alleviate both physical and mental health problems.

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What inspired you to start?/Where did the idea come from?

The journey all started with my own personal health problems…….at the age of 17 I was diagnosed with stage 3 lymphoblastic lymphoma but it didn’t stop there. I was on strong chemotherapy and medication and although it helped to cure my cancer I also endured many side effects. I had psychosis from a high steroid dosage which, caused me to hear voices and go through a very deep time. If that wasn’t crazy enough just 2 weeks before my 18 birthday my whole nervous system was shut down in an extremely rare reaction to the chemotherapy and I couldn’t walk, talk or even swallow. They didn’t think it was reversible so I took matters into my own hands and changed up my whole lifestyle in order to help me rehabilitate. I had to search high and low for information which, is what inspired me to start spreading the word and set up my own community interest company.

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What were your greatest challenges?

I think it was the legal side, I was researching for months about what the best option to register as would be. I originally wanted to be a charity but that meant finding more people with a similar passion to become apart of the team. Then I decided to be a “Community Interest Company” which, is still seen as quite a new thing so the information was very limited. That sort of stuff was out of my comfort zone but through thorough research, I now have the knowledge to help someone else if they needed it.

What has been the most rewarding part?

Under the company, I self-published a book “Cancer The Hidden Truth” which, goes into the depths of my personal journey and offers advice. It has allowed me to do public speaking and I get messages frequently about how I’ve inspired people to change there lifestyle and mindset. Also, the profits from the first year of books sales were split and donated to different small cancer charities who impacted me throughout my journey. Being able to do these things and help others is why I started and it fuels me whenever I may have a low moment.

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What advice would you give to others trying to start up there own organisation?

1. I have a few keys bits of advice, make sure you are passionate and know why you’re doing because that will pull you through the days you may doubt yourself.

2. Planning and setting goals and dates is key to keeping you on track. Get an accountability partner, someone who is reliable and will pull you up for not hitting targets

3. Find people who have already succeeded in that industry and get mentorship.

It’s extremely hard work and it can be lonely, you may even have to make a few sacrifices but when you start reaping the benefits it is one of the most beautiful feelings, to see the fruition of something you created.

Where do you see ‘Pure to cure’ progressing?

I want to be able to help people on a global scale about finding out how to listen to and become more in tune with their bodies. For me, it’s all about getting the information out there and connecting people, so that is where my focus lays at the moment. We are currently going through a shift where people have become more conscious of their surroundings.

Charlotte Crowl



Twitter&insta: @charlottecrowl @purehelpstocure

Just insta: @we.cancervive

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