What a year it has been

What a year it has been, hasn’t it son?

Wait, can you hear me? Wait a second, where are you? Kofi, come to the fire place with me because we need some warmth. It’s so cold this winter, we need some heat. I can’t wait until it is spring again because my body sure isn’t made for all of this cold.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, I remember now.

We’ve gone through so much, it has truly been a year we can’t forget. We can’t start without mentioning that carrot looking fella who won the election up in the States, proving to the world that we as people are slowly losing our minds by the day. Or we can even reflect on our nation Britain, that ran a muck throughout the whole year. The countless police harassment and shootings these days, it has honestly been a wild year Kofi. The same people who have sworn to protect us have decided to become our enemies.

We saw your little sister enter high school and shine her bright light to all those students in her school. The greatest thing for her was that, besides getting good grades, she remained herself and never succumb to unnecessary pressures. What about your younger brother? He managed to stay out of a lot of trouble this year, don’t you think? He’s finally listening to our advice and making the right decisions that will benefit his life for the better.


Now, what about you?

From the first of January I’ve seen a real change in you. You entered the year with more determination, more motivation and such a stronger demeanour. I was weary that you wouldn’t uphold it the whole year but here you are, Kofi. Looks like you’ve hit all the personal targets you wanted to hit and you’ve nailed them with interest! I’m extremely proud of you. You’re looking like the man I envisioned you would become. I want you to remember to always aim high in life. Don’t ever be satisfied with yourself and aim to get better. You’re a King who is just inches away from his throne, it is there for the taking son.

Keep being that lion that your siblings and to the family when I’m not there, son.

 2018 is near

By @JeffKwakuM


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