Cardi B, Michael Dapper and Maya Jama have one major factor in common aside from the fact that they work in the entertainment industry. This is simply the fact that they are consistent with their work, projects. as a result, in 2017 their hard work truly paid off really well for them.

With every New Year comes a new theme, a new start or maybe even a new challenge. 2018 just like every other year is filled with 365 days of endless opportunity. For many of us, we like to take this as a chance create new chapters in our life.

Research suggests that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Whether we notice or not consistency actually plays a major role in how far we make it with our goals. Though this research may not be factual it still stands that in order to make something work it must be worked on and done frequently.

Personally, I’ve noticed the more time I’ve dedicated to something the results have been great. Similarly to a person who may be working hard to lose weight, they may not see the results at first however after some time they will certainly show. As hard work always pays off.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 15.21.00.pngMy challenge to myself this year and to everyone, it’s to be more consistent especially with the things that bring you joy. Whether it’s learning a language, applying for a job within a difficult sector or mastering a new skill. Simply Take it day by day.

Consistency is a great to have as you eventually become disciplined can positively affect every area of your life even making you more of a reliable person, in my opinion. Leading you to success. As we all work hard and focus on making ourselves better we’ll simply have no time to fell negativity and it will prevent from falling into the trap of comparing yourself.

Eventually, you’ll realise you’re in control that as a result of this we are truly in control of our own fate. As you always get what you put in. this year whatever it is that you want to master, stay at it and don’t give up.

2018, It’s yours.

Happy New Year!

Priscilla Power

Twitter @CillaDeLaCruz

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