Let’s all invest in Black Businesses, please?

I’m sure we can all relate that there is a shortage of successful black businesses, and there must be a reason as to why black people find it difficult to invest in their own. Is it down to the consumer or the entrepreneur? Or is it something more deep-rooted?

I always feel ashamed when I buy black products, or invest in anything really that isn’t black owned. However, I do believe that some black business owners, and consumers are both at fault.

My Issue with Some Black Entrepreneurs

Firstly, I must emphasize that what I am about to say does not relate to all, but I can only account for my own experiences and those around me. I have often experienced unprofessional behavior when it comes to using black businesses, such as lateness, arrogant customer service, overstepping boundaries, and simply not receiving the correct product or service. I’m not sure if they are only like this with their own people however after a while getting this type of treatment will just put me (and I’m sure others) off from investing.

Where Black Consumers Go Wrong

On the other hand, we as consumers are often too quick to expect freebies or discounts when it comes to our own, which obviously does not help with the survival of black businesses; they need to make profit! We are also so used to going to well-known brands rather than looking locally or using our own friends or family businesses. As consumers, we don’t realise how much buying power we have as a black community, it’s just a shame most of our money goes to everywhere but our own.

Screen Shot 2018-01-14 at 14.45.01.png

Is There More Behind this Rhetoric?

I believe that the main reason for the lack of successful black businesses is simply due to the fact that businesses are not just easily passed down like they are in white communities, simply because of everything being stripped away from us and made redundant from slavery and continued racism. As a community, we’ve had to catch up to other races in terms of knowing how to own and run a successful business, and a lot of us are still learning.

On the upside, I read that from 2002 to 2007, the number of black-owned businesses has more than tripled than the national growth rate of 18.0 percent, and I am seeing this growth continue all around me, especially through social media. I urge that black business owners take more time to give better customer service and remain professional at all times as well as consumers to not expect handouts and actually look to invest locally and in our own communities. It is vital that create wealth for the next generations and this can only happen from having our own industries and investing in them!

There are many UK black owned businesses out there, some search sites are:




Also, I must promote some young entrepreneurs around me:

Noemie Wilson – clothing brand https://t.co/q3qEPviiuu

Abbastanza Collective – custom clothing https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfp4Ry3qz8ifjqnziwLFsBA

Finesse Foreva – Music Company and Production House https://www.104forever.com

By @_NeoSeoul


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