Interview: Shear & Shine

Tell us a bit about your business

Shear & Shine grooming is the UK’s first grooming company created especially for Black men, we are focused on the issues Black men face with their hair and skin and aim to have them looking and feeling their best!

What inspired you to start?/Where did the idea come from?

This idea grew from the Shear & Shine Barbershop, I noticed that many of the men suffered from the same issues (Brittle hair, flakey scalp etc) and after many conversations I began to realise that there were not many options out there for Black men’s hair.

I wanted to create something for us that we could feel proud to use, something that was made for our specific needs in our image.

What were your greatest challenges?

So far the greatest challenge has been learning how to build the website, I didn’t have the money to hire a developer at the time so had to learn how to build a site, that was a huge learning curve for me, a lot of trial and error!

What has been the most rewarding part?

For me personally, the most rewarding feeling is to have an idea and a vision and see it brought to life, outside of that, it has to be the feedback we have received from men using our products, saying what a difference they have seen in the health of their hair and beards.
Oh and returning customers always makes my day!

What advice would you give to others trying to start up there own organisation?

Make sure that your vision is actually a need that people have, regardless how much passion you have for your idea, its much easier to grow as a business when you provide something people are already in need of.
Second, when you go into business be prepared for the biggest rollercoaster of your life, there will be highs and lows. It takes a lot of patience, focus and determination and there will be many obstacles so prepare your mind before hand.

Where do you see ‘Shear & Shine’ going?

I want Shear & Shine to become established in the UK as the ‘go to’ brand for anything concerning Black men’s skin and hair, after that I want us to expand overseas, my vision is for us to eventually compete with legacy brands such as L’oreal.



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