Shining A Light On Our Untold Stories

“You cannot win an Emmy for roles that are simply not there.  So here’s to all the writers…  who have redefined what it means to be beautiful, to be sexy, to be a leading woman, to be black.” –  Viola Davis

As an Actress and Filmmaker I would definitely say that this journey hasn’t been straightforward or an easy one. Access to platforms and particular opportunities can be hard to come by and are sometimes dictated by your connections and physical appearance. Something which I think particularly affects Dark-skinned Women of colour.

However these days there’s definitely been a shift in how we go about showcasing our stories. A lot of us are now opening our eyes to the importance and value of our truth, creating our own opportunities in order of making our voices heard.

My work in particular is all about shining a light on the untold story, creating meaningful conversations regarding the aspects of society that many of us find difficult to acknowledge or talk about. And this is something I do mainly through the lens of a Black African woman as my identity is an integral part of the types of stories I aim to shine a light on.

I created CONVOSWITHCHI as a platform to share my art work. Through this I discuss topics such as mental health within the black community, identity, and share interviews with fellow creatives & entrepreneurs. Showcasing their stories with an emphasis on how through challenging experiences they were able to find their purpose.

I’m currently working on the Premiere of my film “Behind The Door”, a short film I wrote and play the lead character; a woman named Jola, who is a victim of Human Trafficking. For me it was important to create a story about this ever growing epidemic and at the heart of it have a character who members of the Black British community could relate and identify with. In hopes of generating an awareness of its presence within the UK, and its effect on African people.

The advice I would give to anyone whose looking of pursuing a career in filmmaking would be to start from where you are. Identify what kinds of stories you want to tell, the narratives you want to inform. Take a look at the people in your circles and ask yourself how can you begin to build with the people around you.

 www.convoswithchi.comInsta: chiomacezeh

Twitter: chiomacezeh

Tickets for her upcoming screening can be purchased here

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