Ekua Haizel Update

It’s been 8 months since your last interview – How has your Vision for Ekua Haizel changed since then?

From where it all started in 2014, a dream and not much of a vision. To the days, weeks and years spent growing with the brand and dedicating everything to making the dream a reality. Our fifth and final logo says it all without saying anything at all. We’re connecting the diaspora to the continent.

We are the helping hand bridging the gap.

Ekua Haizel empowers and inspires African diasporans by giving them the tools and opportunity to reclaim their narrative through:

* Conferences

* Panelled discussions

* Work and cultural tour experience in Ghana

Applications for the summer work and cultural tour experience in a field of your choice are now open.

For more information visit www.ekuahaizel.com

What has been the hardest part about making that change?

Making it all happen. Usually I’d have exams to focus on or lectures. Now I had nothing but my thoughts and time. So moving from the place where you’re proud of yourself but don’t feel like you’re doing enough to encouraging yourself daily to keep going.

Also marketing it to people so they are aware of the services we now offer.

Why would you recommend people to take part in the Ekua Haizel internship programme?

Well we have a document for that 🙂

5 reasons

How has your life changed since moving to Ghana? – good and bad

I love life, genuinely glowing everyday and it’s so clear for others around me.  But that’s simply because I’m doing what I want to be doing right now and I’m sure if that was in the U.K. I could also be this happy.  Negatives exist everywhere in life like mosquitoes, they’re not fun at all. I’ve moved from a double minority to a single minority. There are negative in that I am experiencing a noticeable difference from being a woman in a workspace, for the first time, whereas before I’d be more likely to feel the effects of being the only black person. But you just have to turn a blind eye sometimes to peoples ignorance. However, all in all I’m just having the best time ever. Especially being so close to my family and my granny.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs who would like to make a significant change to their business, but are too scared too.

To be honest this is probably a nine factor. If you were brave enough to make a business and not brave enough to alter your vision as you grow and gain more clarity then do you really want to succeed?  Being able to adapt to survive is vital, always be willing to research and find out how you cn improve. Especially if your business revolves around consumers you cannot force something that you think is great down their throats.  You need to sell a product that actually has demand. Research. Adapt. Grow. And then repeat.  



The Move

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