Sustainability in the Creative Industry

The polar icecaps are melting and fossil fuels are running out. You have heard the story before. Whether you are of the opinion that the physical effects of global warming are being experienced at a rapid or slower rate the fact remains; it’s happening. Over the past century the average temperature of the earth has risen between 0.4 and 0.8 °C.  If we do nothing, scientists predict that global warming will have disastrous consequences including, extreme weather rising sea levels, flooding, food shortages and more.

So where does a budding music and entertainment blogger come into this. It just so happens that the creative industry, which according to Howkins creative economy encompasses advertising, architecture, fashion, film, music and performing arts, to name but a few sectors, has a huge impact on climate change and sustainability.

How does the industry effect global warming and other ecological issues?

The creative industries are not insusceptible to the challenges facing the planet and undoubtedly several sectors of the industry in some way contribute to the growing problem.  but let us shift our focus to the positives

As the middleman between major business corporations and the everyday man the creative industries are a perfect vehicle for bringing clarity to complex social issues and may eventually influence consumer actions. This is important because changing the indivertibly destructive behaviour of the consumer is at the core of the sustainability debate. Simply put the creative industry is optimally positioned to infiltrate the minds of everyday people and perhaps nudge them towards more environmentally friendly behaviour.


Additionally, creatives need to change too. That is why I started the #IMGoesGreen campaign. The aim of the campaign was to enlighten content creators and the everyday consumer alike on ways they could lead a more sustainable lifestyle. My hope as cliché as it sounds was not to change the world or even a sector of the industry – though that would be nice. It was simply to get people talking about sustainability from a different perspective. It was to prove that an in-depth knowledge of the scientific and geographical causes of climate change wasn’t required to make a difference and contribute to the conversation.

As content creators we have this unique ability to connect with people whether it be through our style, our videos, or our words. We have a voice, so why not use it. While I am by no means advocating that we all become activists I believe that if you care about something you should speak up. So that’s what I am doing.

The question that remains is what will you do?

by @Industrymee



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