How to get into fitness

I actually was inspired to get back into fitness whilst on a study year abroad. I wanted to be as fit as I was during my time at school. I remembered the days I was competitive and used to be involved in rugby, skipping and good at cross country. I was not as active as I was before and I began to wonder how did I get myself to this point. I had developed a nonchalant attitude towards my health and indulged in junk food. I wanted to turn my life around.

In my spare time I began to run regularly round the city of Strasbourg, and would spend several hours a week at the gym. I mostly followed American fitness influencers to get some inspiration for workouts, but I was what I would say a ‘cardio bunny’. I did not really do any weights and began to become slightly obsessive with my fitness that I relied on quick fix diets to lose the weight I wanted to lose. It got to a point where I became guilty when I ate chocolate or biscuits and you should never feel like that. Balance is key to progression in your health: sleep, food and rest from training.

It was through continuous trial and error that I did manage to actually listen to my body and what it needed for nourishment and growth.

When I did start my fitness journey, I did not have anyone around me into fitness as much as I was, so I was unable to ask questions. Hence, the birth of Eni’s Lab, my blog. I Screenshot 2018-05-05 15.36.19.pngwanted to share my experiences and my research I had found with people that were starting their own fitness journey too.

In addition to this, taking on fitness challenges is something that I have found exciting and essential to keeping to my fitness goals. Whether it be running in a 10km run, doing an obstacle course like Tough Mudder, through my blog, I allow my readers into my life and show them that the sky is the limit! To push beyond your boundaries, be stronger and healthier!

Along the way, I have attended many fitness expos and events  alone and found them repetitive, hence the introduction of fitness events, through my blog and most recently, my monthly fitness brunch club.

I created Barbell Brunch Club for females to feel empowered, and to unite through food and fitness! Sampling London’s best fitness studios and restaurants, ladies would be able to meet new  people and try new fitness classes! The monthly event vary from fitness and brunch to nutrition workshops and wellness talks!


By Eni Adeyemo

The Move

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