Interview: NARLOA

1. Tell us a bit about NARLOA.

NARLOA is a green/ clean skincare brand. Our products are homemade with minimal but effective ingredients. Our ethos revolves mainly around creating uncomplicated skincare that is free from synthetics and harmful chemicals.

2. What inspired you to create a skincare line?

 I love skincare and I believe in the power of green beauty. My natural skincare journey began when I was looking for a natural alternative to topical corticosteroid cream for my eczema. I came across an article about hemp seed oil and it’s healing/ anti-inflammatory properties so I bought a bottle and tried it out for myself. I was initially skeptical but pleasantly surprised when within a few days I noticed the texture of my skin smoothening out and the itchiness reducing.
I used hemp seed oil for a while afterwards and then started blending other oils together to see what benefits they had. I loved doing it so much that I made a business out of it. I now use hemp seed oil as the main ingredients for one of NARLOA’s best selling products, our Balancing Face Oil.

3. The name NARLOA is so unique. Do you have a story behind its origin?

Thank you! The name is simply an amalgamation of letters in my family members names. I thought it sounded unique and memorable so I fell in love with it straight away.

4. What has been your greatest challenge in starting your business?

My biggest challenge in starting my business has definitely been myself. I spent a lot of time considering whether I should start the business and whether I could do it successfully. I was very nervous to put myself and my creations out there. I’m still trying to overcome that sense of anxiety in order to get more exposure for NARLOA. I really think that starting any venture requires a lot of confidence and self-belief.

5. What has been the most rewarding part of creating NARLOA?

It’s definitely rewarding when I get feedback from people whose skin has improved after using NARLOA products. It always feels good knowing that I’ve helped someone and that my products are effective. I think the whole point of starting this business was always to introduce people to clean skincare and show them that it can be effective, so knowing that NARLOA products produce positive results is definitely exciting and rewarding.
 Screenshot 2018-05-05 14.00.38

6. What advice would you give to others trying to start their own business?

Just go for it! One of the biggest stopping blocks is often yourself and your self doubt. Starting a business can be very nerve-wracking but it’s worth it. It’s incredible to watch your business grow and see how people interact with your brand and products.

7. How can people find out more about your products? We’re also on TwitterInstagram and Facebook.
Use our discount code ‘movehub’ at the check out to get a 10% discount
The Move

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