Self-Care and the 3 D’s: Demote, Declutter & Detox

Spring Cleaning Doesn’t Just Look Good. It FEELS good too.

Spring/ summer in London is in full swing. The days are longer, nights are shorter and most of us are happy to wear our summer gear. All these things are good but when it’s lighter for much longer, we tend to shift not only our living space but our mental space too.

This is where the 3D’s come into play: demote, declutter and detox. Society on a whole has conditioned to think ‘keep replacing, buying and become a hoarder’ with a bunch of things you don’t need. We often sweep a lot of things underneath the carpet, in relation to our mental and emotional well-being.

Well it’s 2018! We are not going to go around in circles with the same baggage and issues. According to The Guardian “The state of our homes may disproportionately affect women, but we all feel the effects of a cluttered home; it limits the ability of the brain to process information, and it takes a drastic toll on our mental and physical health. Spring cleaning doesn’t just look good, it feels good”. The statement illustrates a link between your physical spaces having an effect on your well-being.

The first D is ‘Demote’ this is the act of moving something or someone. Some of us are holding onto: relationships, clothing items, habits, mind-sets, careers or other situations that are not helping us thrive. We need to be real, harsh with ourselves because we will find ourselves in a space of being stagnant and frustrated with ourselves. It is impossible to control everything in our lives,  but in certain areas we are able too.

Screenshot 2018-05-05 13.35.49.png

The second D is ‘Declutter’ this is to remove unnecessary items that are untidy or over-crowded. Some of us have so much noise not only around us but in our living space, it’s beyond a joke. It’s time to get our act together, make the effort to do better for ourselves, and do some self-care. This might involve a house makeover, selling some unnecessary items online on Depop or Ebay, cutting of habits and people that hinder our growth. It’s painful letting go but once you do nothing beats that feeling of liberation!

Screenshot 2018-05-05 13.36.01.png

Last but not least ‘Detox’ a period of time in which you abstain from certain items or things from your body. Getting rid of toxic items in your temple. We forget self-care and kindness begins with us. We need to do the work necessary to guard and nurture our bodies. Here are a few that come to mind : meditating, reading more books, helping others, eating a more clean diet, exercising regularly or pampering ourselves.

Screenshot 2018-05-05 13.36.09.png

Let’s make self-care a priority that doesn’t mean we self-indulge but it’s intentional for the sole purpose of making us whole. This is so that we are able to replicate this in our everyday lives and with the people around us.

Insta: @tez_ldn

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