Privacy Policy

Hey there!

The Move Hub has adopted this Privacy Policy because we take data privacy seriously and we aren’t trying to catch a court case! This Privacy Policy covers The Move Hub’s treatment of personally identifiable information that we collect or hold.

When do we collect information from you?

  • When you fill in a sign-up form
  • When you write for The Move Hub

What information do we collect?

  • Name
  • Email address and/or social media @ name (Twitter or Instagram)

Why do we keep this information?

  • To let you know about new editions/content from The Move Hub
  • To let you know about new/current services
  • To let you know about any events we may hold
  • To answer your inquiries and to help us to improve what we do and offer
  • To give you post details if you are creating content for The Move Hub

(We send an average of one automated email per month)

How we keep and process this information?

  • We keep this information in a protected, private database which 3 people (The Move Hub team) have access to

We will not share your information with others, unless it is

  • to comply with any legal obligation

If you want to sign up to our monthly newsletter (containing all our hot deals, services, & exciting news) then you can sign up here! If you have any questions or would like your data to be edited or removed from our mailing list then just let us know at or fill out the form below!

The Move

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