#TMPodcast Ep1 Pt1

We have been quiet in July but not without cause!

We are extending the conversations often written about by ourselves and our talented bloggers to the podcast medium.

The Move Hub team asked an array of questions in the annual Survey Monkey and the demand for diversifying the way we talk to you was clear. You asked for it so we brought it!

The first episode is one of two parts. It discusses what The Move Hub is about at its core, the Black British experience. We talk about our own experiences from Just Do It bags and matching your laces with the ribbons in your hair, to the hardships of microaggressions and sense of belonging in Britain.

The second half will be released at the end of August, but for now, sit back, relax, and tune in to your hosts Toro (@Toro_ox), Priscilla (@Cillahope_) & Joshua (@JayTheeKing by clicking on the logo below!

64136_The Move_LOGO_AL 4(Music: @ShezzyG – insta)

The Move

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