A Time To Heal

In recent years there’s been an evident divide in men and women. Women are fed up with the mistreatment they have endured at the hands of men. They are tired of being abused and taken for granted. For some women, this has become the norm due to them seeing their mothers subjected to different forms of abuse and so this hurt and anger not only comes from their own interactions with men but also from all the women that came before them. A cycle of abuse that has reached a breaking point. Toxic behavior that has been taught, passed down and remained intact with the glue of “well, that’s what men are like..”
The lack of accountability is astonishing to witness as a woman especially when we are held accountable for every move we make. It’s this lack of accountability that allows them to blindly continue feeding the cycle and continue harming others. In order to break this cycle, we must ask the most important question “why?” “why is this what men do and who taught them this?” and some point you must challenge what you’ve been taught.
Women are being very vocal and challenging patriarchy (rightly so) and the men that think they benefit from it thriving are also hurt and angry. The world as they knew it is being turned upside down but we all know the one constant in life is change. When you see the one thing that made you feel powerful being threatened and could potentially see you on the side of the “powerless” you cling on to it for dear life because that’s all you know. It’s not right but I understand.
Some men have grown up seeing abuse take place in their household and heard “don’t let no woman walk over you”, ” you have to put a woman in her place” taught they must control and manipulate women to get what they want. The seed is planted in the early years but it is constantly reinforced through the media and other outside influences such as conversations with like-minded friends.
Nobody who is secure in themselves goes around abusing people. Like the bully in school, who was once bullied themselves, thinks by bullying others they are taking back the power against those that made them feel powerless. it’s an illusion, deal with the root of the issue.  Therapy needs to be the next step.
I’m not really interested in the blame game, I see it as a waste of time, a distraction that takes us away from doing what really matters, the inner work. This blog post is to highlight the rippling effect of dysfunctional behaviour and how it is planted in the psyche to create disharmony between both genders.  There’s a lot of unlearning that needs to take place in all of us as we have all been affected by this in some way or another. A lot of ears need to start opening and a lot less finger pointing so we can start healing. This affects us all and demands our attention.

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