Being a Black British Creative

From the title, please don’t assume that this blog post will be a rant. As I would like to express my experience and story of being a small content creator. Although I have only been creating content for the past two years. Since the start of 2018, there has been a large discussion about being in the industry as a black creative and from the many conversations that I have seen. This will literally be my two cents from what I have observed.


For the bigger content creators, if you have been following someone that has a smaller platform than you, it doesn’t hurt to share their talent. If you know that your platform has a great influence, it can benefit them for the long run, of course no one is forcing you do that. But if you are going to show support, let it be genuine. If there’s one thing that I  must stress about being in the creative industry, it is to be real with others and yourself. Being fake, having an motive, envy and jealousy will not bring blessings to your career.

Nowadays YouTubers, bloggers and influencers are all about collaborating with other because of their genuine love for their content, not to win cool points for their reputation. There has been a couple of tweets on social media speaking about cliques that don’t let anyone in but they are afraid to drop names.

I can guarantee you that there are many people who are aspiring to be content creators and those who are very eager on expanding their platform.  But the main hurdle that discourages them is time. Growing a platform will take time to grow, not everyone will have the same experience with their platform.

For the smaller content creators who have platforms just like myself, there will be times when you will feel ready to give up. But I promise you that your time will come, just keep on creating content for the people who support you and please don’t get discouraged by the amount of followers that you have and please do not compare yourself to others that has bigger platforms than you.


Hadjeley Zacabi
The Move

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