Black Brits knocking on overseas doors

There must be something in the air because Black Brits are travelling like never before. It is almost impossible to scroll through social media without seeing someone you know ‘living their best life’ abroad. Bali, Dubai, Santorini, and Thailand are just some of the destinations people have been flocking to lately. As a travel lover myself, seeing this only helps to keep my zeal for exploring different parts of the world alive.

Now I do not know about you but when I see young Black Brits out jet-setting I get gassed. I feel a different level of excitement seeing those who look like me exploring countries that I am yet to visit. It is very uplifting and it inspires me to want to go and check those countries out.


Unfortunately, I have come to discover via Twitter that not everybody feels the same way as I do. There is this odd belief that certain travel destinations have become déclassé since Black Brits started showing up. Here are some of the tweets that I have come across.

”Bali is toooooo bait”

”Dubai is done out ere fam coming like wireless loool”

”Santorini needs to be jet washed with bleach you lot ruin everything ffs”

”All they know is Tiger and Elephant pics in Thailand its not every day ”

Come on you have to admit these tweets are absolute nonsense, surely the presence of Black Brits in these country does not decrease its value or holiday appeal in any way. Yes, I agree these destinations have become extremely popular but there is nothing wrong with that. We are no longer just travelling back home to the Caribbean and Africa like the generations before us. The new edition of Black Brits is breaking tradition and taking their black faces to places those that came before them were yet to conquer. Some might see this as ‘bait’ or ‘following fashion’ but I see it as us broadening our horizons and going further out into the world for new experiences. This is a very positive thing and I wish it was being celebrated instead of being seen as something negative.

unnamed (1)

Seeing black British faces in the travel world is equally important as is seeing Black Brits in the media or occupying executive positions within a company.

I feel very triggered because those tweets are harmful and they send out the wrong message. What I find even more upsetting is this discussion is being led by black Brits themselves. It is as if they are saying those countries are so elite that we do not deserve or have any business being there. This clearly shows that a self-loathing mindset is alive and well within the community. I might be reaching with my interpretations and these tweets could just be banter. But for me, gaslighting and putting your own people down in this kind of manner is far from acceptable.

We must never ever forget that one moment in time our ancestors were enslaved and did not have the ability or freedom like we do now to be able to travel. If a slave took a wrong step off the plantation they were most likely punished or killed. Even after being released from our captivity, travelling for leisure was not as easily accessible for black people as it is now. As a race, black people have come such a long way. We spent many years in oppression and in 2018 we have no business putting limits and sanctions on each other where travelling is concerned.

unnamed (2)

At the end of the day, the representation of black people everywhere in the world is all that matters. Seeing black British faces in the travel world is equally important as is seeing Black Brits in the media or occupying executive positions within a company. Let us celebrate and be empowered by the fact that we are no longer only bound to our home countries. But we are choosing to thoroughly exercise our freedom and branch out through the force that is travelling. Let continue to keep this same energy as we catch those flights.

Happy Black History Month my peoples


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Lots of love

Stay blessed



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