Faith As Small As A Mustard Seed

“if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move; Nothing will be impossible for you”
(Matthew 17:14–20)

I was going to summarise all the amazing highlights of 2018 and paint the perfect picture without speaking on the down and lows. However, I have opted to deviate from the conventional success stories told by entrepreneurs but instead I want to inspire, motivate and instil belief and foster a stronger sense of Faith and Hope into our readers. As we bring 2018 to a close and we look forward to embracing 2019 with our heads high and a stronger sense of purpose, direction and endless testimonies in whatever we do. Whether it is financially motivated, career driven, relationship or business related, I want you to have FAITH and remember that with the miraculous power of God when unleashed in the lives of those who truly have faith in him will not be forsaken.

I began 2018 with a million ideas and plans written down on what I wanted my year end to look like with Kwaku’s Kitchen. Although a successful year, based on my measurement of success which is subjective, God had other plans for the direction of Kwaku’s Kitchen for this year and what other plans he had for me in my personal life in finding and following my PURPOSE.

2018 has shown me the beautiful & potential side of dedicating time to your side hustle whilst displaying the challenges yet achievable obstacles the self-employment life brings. From the great scope of how financially beneficial it can be when your business realises its full potential to the non-consistent or irregularities of income; the responsibilities of performing six different roles due to the limitations of resources to the amazing vision of having a fully-fledged team dedicated to technical skills and areas of the business one day. My message and moral of the story is with everything you do or have planned, firstly PRAY on it and have FAITH, allow yourself to re-write your plans and make changes as you learn new things along the journey, finding ways around your obstacles whilst permitting room for self-development and building of character. Don’t be scared to start all over again!


Summer 2018, whilst focusing on Kwaku’s Kitchen has also allowed me to foster a greater sense of purpose which has brought into fruition Change for Ghana (UK) @changeforghana. Change for Ghana (UK) is a Non-profit organisation dedicated to building a community of like-minded Ghanaians in the U.K. Diaspora that support, encourage and embrace each other in the U.K. and provide support to citizens in Ghana when required in the form of charitable fundraising. We have successfully with the support of the support of the public launched two events and raised funds in excess of £1,000 to our 1st cause. We supported in the building of a leather works and making workshop in Akuapem, Mampong – Ghana for students with visual and hearing impairment in October.

We would like to wish you a Merry Christmas & a Prosperous New Year (2019)


Kwaku’s Kitchen is a catering company specialising in events hospitality, private catering, meal preps and take-away services with aims to “Redefine the Experience of West-African cuisine through Service.

We always look forward to providing our services to help make your event/occasion memorable and exceed your expectations. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free quotation  or to have a discussion with us on how we can work with you.

We can be reached via:

Instagram: @kwakuskitchen
Twitter: @kwakuskitchen
Facebook: @kwakuskitchen

You can support our NGO on:

Twitter: @changeforghana
Instagram: @changeforghana

The Move

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