Want To Write For The Move? It’s Simple.

We’re always looking for talented Black British writers, content creators, photographers, videographers business owners, freelancers, corporate and public sector workers and the like to share their experience or create a compelling and engaging piece on topics they are passionate about.

At The Move we are fostering a community of likeminded individuals who are all striving to improve themselves and others around them, through the transfer of knowledge, experience and perspective. Within the Black British community we can all contribute to push each other to achieve…it’s THEMOVEment.

Still interested?


Contributing is simple.

Send an email with the subject line: Your World or Move or Culture – *Working Title* to themovehub@gmail.com.

A brief description, summarising the main premise of the article (this can be in bullet point form).

Please include examples or links to your previous work, alongside social media links.

Lastly, in a few words share with us what being Black British means to you..or if you don’t consider yourself black British why you don’t.

Looking forward to your pitches!!

The Move

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