May 18, Your Culture

Where’s Our Narrative?

I love reading a variety of articles and books that allow me to debate and develop my own identity as a creative artist but also to help me grow into the black woman I want to be. Ever since I began nursery till today, a massive percentage of books and poems I’ve read are by […]

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May 18, Your Move

Interview: NARLOA

1. Tell us a bit about NARLOA. NARLOA is a green/ clean skincare brand. Our products are homemade with minimal but effective ingredients. Our ethos revolves mainly around creating uncomplicated skincare that is free from synthetics and harmful chemicals. 2. What inspired you to create a skincare line?  I love skincare and I believe in […]

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Jan 18, Your Culture

Shopping List.

Skittles Cellphone Loud music Cigarettes Cigarillos Shopping Toy gun Failure to signal CDs Broken tail light Falcon Heights. I waltz around this wildly ethnic store with my western white eyes. westernised and closed eyes. I see ‘woke‘ t-shirts all around me. Why, have these folk been asleep all along?  Melanin flavoured fabrics and supremacy resistant […]

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Your Culture

Loud Family

You and me will always tight arguing every single day and night – even when you catch me acting like a fool on the phone to Mr. Right. A bond that is ever so light, you’ll still get corned for thinking you’re so bright. LOUD FAMILY they’ll make you scream, every time they holla, family… […]

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