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Want To Write For The Move? It’s Simple.

Looking to showcase your skills and experience to people like yourself? We’re always looking for talented Black British writers, content creators, photographers, videographers business owners, freelancers, corporate and public sector workers and the like to share their experience or create a compelling and engaging piece on topics they are passionate about. At The Move we […]

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Dec 18, Your Move

Interview: Onidodo

1. Tell us a bit about Onidodo Onidodo means plantain seller in Yoruba, a language spoken in Nigeria. However the name was created by our last name Oni and Dare’s favourite food plantain which means Dodo in Yoruba. Onidodo started as a supperclub in 2014 and we were fortunate to launch February 2018. Onidodo is […]

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Dec 18, Your Culture

Interview: The Généraliste Shop *25% Discount*

USE CODE ‘THEMOVEHUB25’ TO GET A 25% DISCOUNT ON ALL PURCHASES Offer ends 31st Jan 1. Tell us a bit about The Généraliste Shop Founded in September 2018, généraliste exists to make representative books, across the spectrum of the BAME community accessible to every child across the UK. Offering a curated mix of books, greeting cards and […]

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Jun 18, Your Move

Redefining the West-African Cuisine Experience Through Service

“Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.” James Cash Penney “Make a customer, not a sale.” Katherine Barchetti I am an advocate for supporting black businesses and passionate about seeing our people win. Nonetheless, too often we like to set ourselves different expectations from other businesses that are striving and doing good in […]

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May 18, Your Move

Interview: NARLOA

1. Tell us a bit about NARLOA. NARLOA is a green/ clean skincare brand. Our products are homemade with minimal but effective ingredients. Our ethos revolves mainly around creating uncomplicated skincare that is free from synthetics and harmful chemicals. 2. What inspired you to create a skincare line?  I love skincare and I believe in […]

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Apr 18, Your Move

Ekua Haizel Update

It’s been 8 months since your last interview – How has your Vision for Ekua Haizel changed since then? From where it all started in 2014, a dream and not much of a vision. To the days, weeks and years spent growing with the brand and dedicating everything to making the dream a reality. Our fifth […]

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Mar 18, Your World

The Business of ‘Buying Black’

#Supportblackowned #buyblack #blackbritishbusiness The cause for ‘buying black’ has once again gained momentum in recent years. I say once again as this is a cause that is nothing new. Advocates for supporting black-owned businesses and black entrepreneurs have been vocal since the civil rights movement.  In this new age of social media though, as consumers, […]

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Mar 18, Your Move

Interview: Creative Christian

Tell us a bit about your business Creative Christian is an online store designed to express The Kingdom of God through digital typographics, stationery, and home & decor. Our aim is to encourage the body of Christ to function and flourish creatively in their God given gifts and talents. What inspired you to start? My […]

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Mar 18, Your Move

Interview: Shear & Shine

Tell us a bit about your business Shear & Shine grooming is the UK’s first grooming company created especially for Black men, we are focused on the issues Black men face with their hair and skin and aim to have them looking and feeling their best! What inspired you to start?/Where did the idea come […]

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Jan 18, Your Culture

Let’s all invest in Black Businesses, please?

I’m sure we can all relate that there is a shortage of successful black businesses, and there must be a reason as to why black people find it difficult to invest in their own. Is it down to the consumer or the entrepreneur? Or is it something more deep-rooted? I always feel ashamed when I […]

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