Oct 18, Your World

The Value Of The Black Consumer

In the wonderful world of Black UK Twitter, you are bound to come across some of the most ludicrous comments and opinions one could ever think of (but I’m not judging). However, there are times when you can also find interesting and thought-provoking opinions which remind me all is not lost on us. Funnily enough, […]

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Oct 18, Your Culture

Black Brits knocking on overseas doors

There must be something in the air because Black Brits are travelling like never before. It is almost impossible to scroll through social media without seeing someone you know ‘living their best life’ abroad. Bali, Dubai, Santorini, and Thailand are just some of the destinations people have been flocking to lately. As a travel lover […]

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Feb 18, Your Culture

BM vs BW

Black king here. There’s a civil war that’s been raging on indefinitely and, quite frankly, I’m absolutely appalled at the two parties involved. The two demographics who are already at the bottom of society’s barrel, battling it out for no gain or reward whatsoever. Black men and black women. Sworn enemies. Snake and mongoose. Constantly […]

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