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Why the advertising industry needs diversity

So it’s January 2018, I am doing my regular morning scroll on the TL while on my commute to work. Nothing out of the ordinary: Trump doing a madness, some guy chatting about women deceiving men with make-up, a girl promoting her christian blog, and then BAM. H&M’s new children’s campaign comes up. The monkey-jumper […]

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Sept 18

Being a Black British Creative

From the title, please don’t assume that this blog post will be a rant. As I would like to express my experience and story of being a small content creator. Although I have only been creating content for the past two years. Since the start of 2018, there has been a large discussion about being […]

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Jun 18, Your Culture

‘Tis the season to wear florals!!!!

Groundbreaking right?! Not really. BUT sometimes it’s good to stick to what you know and how you feel in what you find comfortable. We’re all for diversity in style however, have you ever thrown on something basic and been given a ton of compliments for it? This outfit was one of those times! I got […]

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Apr 18, Your Culture

Sustainability in the Creative Industry

The polar icecaps are melting and fossil fuels are running out. You have heard the story before. Whether you are of the opinion that the physical effects of global warming are being experienced at a rapid or slower rate the fact remains; it’s happening. Over the past century the average temperature of the earth has […]

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Jan 18, Your Move

Interview: Subcultured

Tell us a bit about your organisation  SUBCULTURED is a fashion, art, music and student culture publication, written by students about students, currently based at the University of Surrey. It allows students to pursue their creative interests alongside their degrees. It also provides students with valuable experience in design, business, marketing, features or whichever area […]

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Nov 16, Your Culture

Autumn Fashion

Autumn is present and my, oh my it’s chilly! Nevertheless fashion prevails over suffering. We have been inspired by Goth Glam A/W trends from the likes of Marc Jacobs, Rodarte and Alexander Wang with quite grungey shoes and sharp ruffles etc. It’s an excuse to wear all black and get away with it! We incorporated […]

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Feb 16, Your World

Idris speaks up

Many people often claim that America is the land of opportunity in that there are so many open doors to develop one’s education, employment, and overall standard of living in comparison to other countries. Because of the amount of safety nets and structure Britain has in place, we are often viewed as a middling country […]

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