Nov 17, Your Culture

For The Mandem

As 2018 is about to close and I sit and reflect about our generation, the more I realise that we’re among the most judgmental generation of all time. Us, as men must act tough and look a certain way for us to be considered “manly”. However, what this world has forgotten is that we are […]

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Sept 18, Your Move

Graduate blues

Graduation ceremonies are a celebratory occasion. A pivotal life event where your friends and family come together to celebrate your achievements over the past 3-4 years. It is a day which is often remembered for a lifetime. But what comes after that? It is the first time in many young people’s lives where there is […]

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May 18, Your Move

Top Tips for Dealing with Stress

As a black female, stress was not in my dictionary growing up. Even if I felt stressed I could not openly admit it, to myself or to others. But as I grew older, I realised how much stress was a part of our daily lives and is something that we face at different stages of […]

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Jun 17, Uncategorized, Your World

The Black Mind

We are one people, descendants of champions united not just by a history but a common destiny for greatness. We are Pan-Africanists in the diaspora wide spread falling apart at the white man’s burden. Destroying ourselves with ignorance, pushing away feelings because we must fight a battle of colour, a battle we cannot win unless […]

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Mar 17, Your Culture

Keep your mental health top priority at university

Your mind is racing. Sitting in front of a blank word document; responsibilities weighing heavy on your shoulders, the only thing in the fridge is leftover takeaway and you’re just about ready to burst. What do you do? Despite media and television painting university students as liberal alcoholics, there is depth to the uni experience. […]

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Jan 17, Your Culture

Top tips to improve your self-esteem

Hi, my name’s Tevin Vassell and I made a thread on improving self esteem and here’s some of my points on how too.  Be your own person. What I mean by that is, don’t live to please anybody cause you can’t please everyone, even if you tried too. Please don’t be the person to do […]

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