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Why the advertising industry needs diversity

So it’s January 2018, I am doing my regular morning scroll on the TL while on my commute to work. Nothing out of the ordinary: Trump doing a madness, some guy chatting about women deceiving men with make-up, a girl promoting her christian blog, and then BAM. H&M’s new children’s campaign comes up. The monkey-jumper […]

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Nov 18, Your World

My Footballing Magi

I had three black male idols growing up. At their peak, they were the best in their field. And they were all footballers. The 90s brought English football back to top with the inauguration of the Premier League. Foreign imports became the norm and amazing players from around the world graced the pitches of Britain. […]

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Nov 18, Your Culture

Policing Of Black Boys In Schools

I’m sure when I say that as a black man I have to face stereotypes, discriminatory practice and racism on a daily basis, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Despite these institutional set backs, over the years, I have been able to adapt my behaviour in order to ‘minimise’ or combat these stereotypes. This skilful […]

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Oct 18

Stars In Our Eyes

Our History I’ve done something kind of special for you guys, because I was torn between two topics I figured you deserve both so here I am delivering to you a sort of 2 for 1 special… aren’t I lovely. October is here AND Black History Month is upon us in the UK, we should […]

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Oct 18, Your Move

Melanin Medics and The Racial Disparities In UK Medicine

Melanin Medics is an organisation dedicated to supporting the UK community of African-Caribbean aspiring medics, medical students and medical professionals – while also tackling the underrepresentation of African-Caribbean’s in UK Medicine. Melanin Medics has been focused on implementing practical, effective and positive solutions to help overcome underrepresentation and the multiple socio-economic barriers in the medical […]

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Sept 18, Your Move

The Ethnicity Pay Gap

During my time working at the institute of equality and diversity professionals I would see new posts pop up on a daily basis about the Gender pay gap. Even outside of the Diversity and Inclusion bubble many of us are aware of the push for recruitment reforms, whether you look in the private or public […]

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Oct 17, Your Culture, Your World

Racial Colour-blindness in the UK

We are all one race, the human race  Things are so much better now, there are so many jobs out there now.  Not everything has to do with race I’m not a racist but… I’m not racist some of my friends are Black  “I don’t have a racist bone in my body?” That is not […]

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