Jan 18, Your World


What does the rest of the 21st century hold for the oldest continent in the world? All my life, I have been taught by Western society that the African continent is downtrodden by its own inequities such as rife destitution, corruption, poor levels of education, poor infrastructure and perpetual war. Even as a person of […]

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Oct 17, Your World

What Will The Next Generation Think Of Us?

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” Many often define this period of time as the ‘liberal movement’. A time where human rights reign and the tragedies against humanity which did prevail are now seen as events and periods we judge, learn from, and remember the innocent people who suffered (e.g. slavery, extinction/mass murder). […]

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Jul 17, Your Move

So, What’s Next?

I graduated from an BSc economics degree in July and since then whether I am talking to friends, family, acquaintances or even my doctor the question ‘So, what’s next?’ always seems to come up. Now this in itself is not a bad question, but when you are not too sure or have absolutely no idea […]

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Jan 17, Your World

The Cause of Terror

Western media makes it impossible for us to go a few days without being reminded of the immanent threat of a terrorist attack. Whether they mean to or not headlines such as ‘Massacre in Paris‘ and ‘terror fanatic beheads soldier‘ evoke feelings of fear and anxiety into anyone who reads it, it reminds us that […]

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