Sept 18, Your Move

Interview: Connect4Better (Cee4Bee)

Tell us a bit about Cee4Bee Connect4Better (Cee4Bee) is a three year old charity which sets out to improve the life chances of the minority black Afro-Caribbean living in UK. We want to reduce the statistics surrounding poverty within the Black community and want to see more Black African-Caribbeans breaking the glass ceiling in the […]

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Aug 17, Your Culture

CurlyTreats Festival Review

Following up from our interview with Vinna Best, the founder of the CurlyTreats Festival (previously know as natural hair week) we were kindly invited to the event to see it in action. We were greeted by a friendly face, quickly checked on the guest list and set free to roam the ‘marketplace’. Once we stepped […]

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Jul 17, Your World

Women Not Weapons

What was your starting inspiration? It all started with an article my friend Samy shared on facebook. It was about rape used as a weapon of warfare with Congo, the article commended Dr.  Denis Mukewege the man whom repaired these abused woman, however what was peculiar and struck me was the vivid graphic details in […]

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