Jan 18, Your Move

What’s the worst that can happen?

Sometimes we want to do things in life, but often fear appears to hold us back. We have our heart set out to do something but the negative voices in our heads seems so loud. What we most desired, suddenly brings a crippling fear into our hearts because we fear one thing, failure. Essentially the […]

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Jan 17, Your World

The Cause of Terror

Western media makes it impossible for us to go a few days without being reminded of the immanent threat of a terrorist attack. Whether they mean to or not headlines such as ‘Massacre in Paris‘ and ‘terror fanatic beheads soldier‘ evoke feelings of fear and anxiety into anyone who reads it, it reminds us that […]

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Nov 16, Your World

The Scapegoat

The most repeated commandment in the Bible is ‘Do not be afraid’. It was repeated a total of 365 times one some form (once per day- coincidence? I think not). Meaning that this is a strong commandment in both the Qu’ran and Torah also, considering that they share the same Abrahamic God and have corresponding […]

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