Sept 18

A Time To Heal

In recent years there’s been an evident divide in men and women. Women are fed up with the mistreatment they have endured at the hands of men. They are tired of being abused and taken for granted. For some women, this has become the norm due to them seeing their mothers subjected to different forms […]

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May 18, Your Move

How to get into fitness

I actually was inspired to get back into fitness whilst on a study year abroad. I wanted to be as fit as I was during my time at school. I remembered the days I was competitive and used to be involved in rugby, skipping and good at cross country. I was not as active as […]

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May 18, Your World

Why are we ashamed of periods?

The wave of sweat making you question whether you sprayed deodorant that morning. The clenching fist in your abdomen. And the sudden undeniable presence of wetness in your underwear. You know exactly what’s happening. And now the pimples, overeating, and floods of tears over an insignificant event the day before all make sense. It’s that […]

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Mar 18, Your World

Interview: Girls Trip Tours

Tell us a bit about Girls Trip Tours Girls Trip is a travel experience focused on female empowerment. We bring a group of women from around the world and across Africa to a specific African destination for the experience of lifetime. The idea is to explore Africa from a female perspective: connecting with homegrown influencers, […]

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Jul 17, Your World

Women Not Weapons

What was your starting inspiration? It all started with an article my friend Samy shared on facebook. It was about rape used as a weapon of warfare with Congo, the article commended Dr.  Denis Mukewege the man whom repaired these abused woman, however what was peculiar and struck me was the vivid graphic details in […]

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Jun 17, Your Move

Do It Now Now Retail: Anti-Pop Review

I was fortunate enough to have been extended an invitation to Do it now now first retail anti-pop event, focused on connecting businesses in the black hair and beauty industry to the best in marketing, PR, branding and Funding professionals to assist them in learning what it takes to run a healthy, scalable and sustainable […]

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Mar 17, Your Culture

Mum’s The Word

The only time peace and quiet reigns in Iyabo’s household are when the tenants fall asleep. At all other hours of the day noise is a permanent lodger. If it is not the pots banging against the pans, then surely it is the screaming matches over the phone between relatives. For it is said that […]

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Feb 17, Your World


LoveNotWar Last year with everything on the news on what was going on in Aleppo, my heart ached and in my time of prayer I was moved to put my frustrations with the current state of the world into action. I’m a firm believer of loving people from the centre of who you are and […]

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